Sunday, 10 February 2013

Canines at the Kiosk

Here at the Kiosk we love meeting all of the friendly dogs who come to the park with their owners. Sometimes the owners are walking the dogs, sometimes it is more the owner who is being taken for a run, but we're always very happy to see them, and we've always got a dog biscuit to hand and a thirst quenching bowl of water.  We have decided to celebrate the Russell Park dog contingent by launching our very own version of Crufts, right here in Russell Park: Canines at the Kiosk! It is a dog photograph competition for all the hounds who hang out in the park, with six categories, including:

  • Top Dog
  • Lookalike
  • Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  • Puppy Power
  • Man's Best Friend
  • In the Dog House

In addition to these there will also be an overall winner of Best in Show – judged by a panel of distinguished local personalities - the winner of which will receive the magnificent prize of a Professional Pooch Portrait! Winners of all categories will be awarded doggy bags and have their photos displayed at the Kiosk throughout March and April. Just like the status that goes with being a Crufts winner, your dog will also have the not-to-be-sniffed-at honour of being an official Canines at the Kiosk Top Dog.

Perhaps you and your doggy pal live up to the cliché that dogs and their owners look alike, or maybe your puppy performs a series of daft but incredible squirrel-chasing feats? Or is your dog one of those who picks a peculiar spot to get his 40 winks? Get snapping those top dog moments and send them in. All categories are open to your interpretation, so be creative and see what ideas you, your imagination and your four-legged friend can come up with.

Send us your pooch-photos by Sunday 10th March 2013 along with the category you are entering and a reason why your pooch loves our park starting:

'FIDO (insert name of your pooch here) loves Russell Park because....'

in no more than 50 words. We also need to know whether you are under 16. Send your entries to or tweet them to us @KioskatthePark #CaninesattheKiosk.  You can also post them on facebook at

We will accept up to five photographs per entrant. Happy snapping!

And just so you know, despite our well publicised love of the inimitable Onesie, we cannot condone forcing dogs to wear them. However, this is how they would look, if you were interested.

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